ePoint Medway
Supply Chain Integration

Noatum Logistics can integrate your origin supply chain with your destination market logistics, eCommmerce channel management and store replenishment, to redefine your supply chain.

The perfect linking of origin, destination and customer 

An unprecedented end-to-end supply chain solution that improves productivity, increases margin and drives efficiencies to reduce the cash-to-cash cycle.

By integrating every element in the supply chain from production, through transport and fulfilment, to the final point of sale or delivery, we relieve pressure on your infrastructure to drive omnichannel growth.

The entire process is managed by a dedicated International Supply Chain (ISC) team, with global visibility available real-time on the Noatum Logistics’ PowerView cloud service; providing global purchase order updates to SKU level, which means that supply chain plans, volumes and destinations can be constantly updated to reflect changing business priorities.

Improving productivity

By optimising vendor and supply chain performance

Increasing margin

By reducing overall delivered unit cost and minimising inventory

Driving efficiency

By extending global sourcing and reducing the cash to cash cycle

The PowerView difference
Cloud-based for secure global access, PowerView constantly evolves, to meet changing requirements and provide new, enhanced functionality.
  • Pre-shipment visibility of orders
  • Simplified workflow from PO to destination
  • Access PO/SKU information globally
  • Shipment tracking by any criteria
  • Vendor management and performance reporting
  • Business rules based exception management
  • Customizable dashboard with 160 configurable fields
  • Dialog between origins, destinations and customers
  • Nominated participants gain instant access to shipments

Merchandise will always ship in the most efficient and cost-effective method, to the right global market, in the best quantities, at the lowest cost, for on-time arrival.

Merchandise arriving at ePoint is scanned into our warehouse management system for immediate visibility and availability on integrated sales platforms.

An unprecedented end-to-end supply chain solution that is resilient, scalable and flexible, to create competitive advantage.