Building ePoint
Perfectly constructed

Constructing ePoint Medway is a big job.
The actual construction programme is just 44 weeks, but a lot of the most important work happens long before any work started on site.

The perfect execution

The ePoint management team had very clear ideas of the facility they wanted and the type of leading-edge technology that it should accommodate.

Working closely with leading architects, plans were drawn up, with detailed budgets and timelines, before the blueprints were given out to the contractors

ePoint’s foundations, building, roof, interior elements and systems are typical of many commercial buildings, but on a much grander scale.

ePoint’s design and construction has been carefully considered, to optimise the building’s integrity, utilities, fire protection and security, while keeping cost down, to maximise scale benefits for customers.

At 378,000 sq ft ePoint is a very big warehouse, which is great news for its multi-use customers, because big warehouses can be over 50% cheaper to build per square foot than smaller warehouses.

Key to the success of ePoint is our key partner suppliers

MiTek Mezzanine Systems

Specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of integrated, future-proofed mezzanine flooring systems across North America and Europe.

Intelligent Distributed Controls

Provides control and data flow between high level business systems and materials handling and automation equipment.

BS Handling Systems

Deliver a range of conveyor and handling solutions to optimise the
flows of multiple product groups.


Manufacture specialised forklift trucks that simplify navigation in the warehouse,
boost accident prevention and facilitate rapid handling at high levels.